Ergo Synergys in the countries of the Maghreb.


Ergo Synergys  in the countries of the Maghreb…

The MAGHREB is a set of emerging countries with a significant trade surplus, that are currently engaged in a process of change whose main objective focuses on the creation of a new industrial base.

For this reason, the entrepreneurial spirit of ERGO and given the current circumstances of the domestic market, we began two years ago our international adventure in SOUTH AMERICA and VENEZUELA in particular, collaborating in interesting pharmaceutical projects. And in line with the expansion of this approach, more than a year ago ERGO SYNERGYS has been decided to make the leap to this area of the MAGHREB, probing the possibilities of expansion in the Algerian and Moroccan industries, which are located in a booming development.

After much effort and an important technical and economic bet, ERGO has managed to establish interesting collaboration agreements with major companies in both ALGERIA and MOROCCO, mainly of the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, in which we are highly valued.

We recently participated in several public tenders for expansion projects and renovation of facilities in renowned companies of the pharmaceutical sector, in which we managed to become finalists. We are currently waiting to hear who will be the winning company, but we are confident in the professionalism and capabilities of our team, which makes us hold great hope and expectations, and if we are finally not the chosen company, we are not going to cease in our efforts to achieve the goals that we have raised.

We are aware that the challenge is complicated, but the reception by these countries has been very satisfactory.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it” (Peter Drucker)